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Miami Artificial Grass Vs. The Real Thing – What is Right For You?

artificial grass miami flLiving in Miami has more perks than you could even begin to count. Trying to take care of a lush, healthy, green lawn is not one of them. The heat can make it next to impossible to establish a lawn in the first place, forget then trying to to also keep it looking that way – or alive at all for that matter. Plus, that year round summer-like climate means year round care, maintenance and mowing as well. Yet, not having a backyard to entertain in or to let the kids play in doesn't seem like an option either. So it comes down to this: Miami artificial grass lawns vs. real grass.

When property owners in Miami start to fret over the on-going cost of maintaining real grass lawns, this is where the idea of the synthetic artificial grass options come into the picture. What is important to realize right away is that this type of artificial grass has come a long way in recent years, which means that you still get extremely durable grass but it now truly looks like the real thing. Aside from that though, how can you really be sure if an artificial lawn is right for you?

Understanding the Benefits of Artificial Grass in Miami

Of course, one of the first things homeowners think about is no longer having to waste their weekends caring for, watering, fertilizing, seeding or mowing of their yard. Let's be clear, synthetic grass does not require any of those tasks, but it does still require some level of maintenance, so it is not 100% maintenance free. The good news is that the service for this type of artificial turf is generally just cleaning, stain removal and light pest control.

Parents are big fans of the idea that the kids can play outdoors for hours at a time without ruining their clothing with permanent grass stains. You can still roll around or lie in the grass but without the pesky stains that real grass leaves behind. Even though you will notice a higher upfront cost for installing artificial grass in Miami as opposed to real sod, you make that back by doing away with the ongoing cost of regular care and maintenance. The cost difference between artificial grass maintenance and real grass lawn maintenance alone will save you hundreds each year in expenses - not to mentio the amount of time you'll save NOT having to take care of your lawn!

Deciding for Yourself

The best way to determine if profession Miami artificial grass installation is the right choice for you is to get all of your questions answered. By teaming up with the artificial synthetic grass experts here at ZABOS Artificial Grass Installation & Service, you can rest assured that you will get the answers you need and the superior service and workmanship that you deserve. Get in touch with us today and you could be on your way to the lawn of your dreams in no time at all. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the level of service that you deserve and a lawn you'll love.

If you are looking for a Miami artificial grass expert, then please call 786-377-5347 or complete our online request form.

artificial synthetic grass miami fl

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