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4 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Holds Up Great In Rainy Weather

Artificial Grass in South FloridaHere in South Florida, we’re no strangers to rain. While our lawns all require some degree of watering, too much rain can create any number of issues for homeowners with natural grass lawns.

Fortunately, artificial grass doesn’t suffer from many of those same issues. To highlight just a few of the reasons why artificial grass holds up so well in rainy weather, our team of skilled Miami artificial grass pros have taken the time to put together the following article.

It Doesn’t Fall Apart

While most of us generally don’t think of natural grass as “falling apart,” the grass blades can break off under foot traffic, especially in rainy weather. This often results in broken grass blades and grass clippings getting tracked into your home. While artificial grass might get somewhat flattened under heavy foot traffic, the blades will remain intact. After a little bit of brushing once it dries out, your artificial grass will look as good as new.

It’s Made To Hold Up

Artificial grass comes in a variety of different types that are all designed for different applications, but all of them are designed with durability in mind—whether it’s for a residential yard, playground, putting green, or whatever the case may be. In addition to their innate level of durability, artificial grass is often protected under warranty in case anything goes wrong prematurely. If you’re looking for a long-term lawn solution that requires very little in the way of ongoing maintenance, artificial grass is definitely an option to consider.

It’s Installed To Prevent Problems

Quality artificial grass is more than just a groundcover. Artificial grass is a multi-layer system that’s designed to ensure maximum stability and drainage for the “grass” you see on the surface. With a professional installation, you’ll be able to rely on your artificial grass for many years to come.

It Protects You And Your Family

One other aspect of wet grass that many homeowners tend to forget about is how slick it becomes after heavy rainfall. Artificial grass doesn’t get slippery like normal lawns, and you don’t have to worry about sinking your foot into muddy areas and twisting an ankle or falling down.

If you’re looking for a professional that specializes in artificial grass installation and synthetic turf maintenance in the South Florida area, please call 786-377-5347 or complete our online request form.

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