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Check out the most recent articles from ZABOS Artificial Grass Installation & Service for tips on cleaning and maintaining synthetic turfs, finding the right artificial grass for your landscaping project, and more.

5 Creative Uses for Synthetic Grass in South Florida

5 Creative Uses for Synthetic Grass in South FloridaAs synthetic turf is more popular than ever among South Florida homeowners, people are discovering new uses for this faux grass. Synthetic grass is a low maintenance option with a variety of colors, textures, and lengths to choose from.Read More

Seasonal Care Tips For Artificial Grass

Seasonal Care Tips For Artificial GrassForget love, spring is in the air and that means it's time to start thinking about your lawn and landscaping. Yes, even if you have artificial grass.Read More

Natural Grass Might Turn Out to Be Unnaturally Annoying to Maintain

Natural Grass Might Turn Out to Be Unnaturally Annoying to MaintainThere's nothing quite as pleasing as a luscious lawn to adorn the front of your South Florida home. Of course, as beautiful as a natural lawn can be, it can be equally as frustrating to maintain.Read More

Guide To Maintaining Synthetic Grass

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Residential and Recreational Use As a South Florida homeowner lawn maintenance will always be a part of ownership. Whether you have synthetic grass installed already or you are thinking about it, you'll want to know what's involved to maintain it.Read More

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Residential and Recreational Use

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Residential and Recreational Use Miami is an ideal location for artificial grass, for a number of reasons. While we are certainly world famous for our beaches, that's not the case when it comes to a healthy natural lawn.Read More

Why Playgrounds Are Going Artificial Turf

Why Playgrounds Are Going Artificial Turf As more and more playgrounds around the Miami area make the switch to Artificial grass, many parents wonder why. Wanting to know about the benefits of this material makes perfect sense.Read More

Benefits Of Artificial Grass Installation In South Florida

benefits of artificial grass installationThere are many reasons why South Florida homeowners are installing artificial grass lawns. A synthetic lawn stays exceptionally beautiful year round. It always looks terrific no matter the season, and it takes very little maintenance to keep it that way. At Zabos Artificial Grass Installation & Service, we are… Read More

Important Ways You Can Help Keep Your Synthetic Lawn in Tiptop Shape

Synthetic Lawn CareHaving a synthetic lawn is much different than having a real one, including the things that you will need to do, to keep it in good condition. While it doesn't require as much ongoing care as real grass, especially during the establishing phase, there are some ways in which you can help keep it looking its best… Read More

Miami Artificial Grass Vs. The Real Thing – What is Right For You?

artificial grass miami flLiving in Miami has more perks than you could even begin to count. Trying to take care of a lush, healthy, green lawn is not one of them. The heat can make it next to impossible to establish a lawn in the first place, forget then trying to to also keep it looking that way … Read More

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds in Miami

artificial grass playgrounds miami flIf you are thinking about creating a playground at home or for a recreational area as part of your commercial investment property, there are some things that you need to think about. The main thing is thinking about what type of foundation you want these kids to have for their playground, this really comes down to the type of surface that they will be playing (or falling) on … Read More

Why You Need Synthetic Grass for Your Athletic Field in Miami

synthetic grass athletic field miami flMore and more athletic fields across the country are making the switch from natural turf to synthetic grass. If you are getting ready to put a recreational area together you should certainly consider going with an artificial grass for this application. Or, it could be that you are getting tired of trying to maintain the natural grass field … Read More

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