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Synthetic Turf for Athletic Fields

synthetic turf athletic fields miamiWhen it comes to synthetic turf for athletic fields in South Florida, it only makes sense to consider working with an expert artificial grass fitter. Real grass may look ever so slightly more natural but other than that, the benefits to using real versus turf for any type of playing or training field all falls squarely with the synthetic alternative. Working with ZABOS Artificial Grass Installation & Service is the best way to learn more about why artificial grass is the route to go and also end up with the superior results that you have always wanted for your athetic fields. Keep in mind, turf used for this type of application is going to be subjected to a steady amount of abuse and on a regular basis.

Growing grass that strong and durable is possible, but the amount of ongoing maintenance is constant. Another thing to keep in mind is that synthetic grass has come a long way in recent years; it is not only even more rugged than it once was, it looks even more like the real deal. With so many reasons to opt for synthetic turf over real grass for your athetic fields, why would you need to even think about it any more? Let us show you the options that you have and then carry out the job for you. You'll love the products and results our artificial grass installation pros are able to provide.

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This is not to say that turf requires no maintenance; it certainly does but it is a different type of service work. Because it is subjected to extreme heat and a great deal of wear and tear, you need more service for this situation as opposed to using this in a residential environment. Pests are also something that you will have to watch for, as would be necessary for natural lawns. However, this is mainly a better option even if just due to the fact that you can continually use the artificial alternative unlike natural grass which requires a resting and recovery period between uses.

Using real grass requires things like having to repair and patch when damage occurs, including replanting every spring in hopes of building your lawn back up. With a synthetic alternative all you have to do is make sure to clean it off in order to keep it looking great. The important thing is to make it a point to only work with a true artificial grass professional in order to make sure you get the quality in products, installation and follow up services to keep your athletic turf in top top shape!

At ZABOS Artificial Grass Installation & Service we provide professional artificial grass installation and synthetic turf maintenance services throughout South Florida. Our athletic turf installation projects have included soccer fields, putting greens, golf greens, football fields, track and field centers, indoor playing fields, baseball fields and even tennis courts. That's because we have a wide range of products that suit a variety of needs and applications. Call today to learn more about our products, services, and pricing for synthetic athletic turfs.

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ZABOS Artificial Grass Installation & Service can provide you with the best in synthetic turf for athletic fields in South Florida. Let us show you the choices you have and answer any questions that you may have about artificial synthetic grass. We look forward to working with you and offering you exceptional quality, long lasting playing surfaces that can take a real beating. We'll also be here for any maintenance services you need, such as cleaning artificial grass playing fields to keep them looking great, game after game.

If you are interested in artificial grass for athletic fields in South Florida, please call 786-377-5347 or complete our online request form.

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artificial synthetic grass miami fl

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